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Welcome to Bonani

Bonani conducts FREE visual screening to underprivileged children from pre-school through to foundation phase. The programme uses the plusoptiX Screening Device for fast and accurate results.

The screening requires no reading, shape or number recognition, which enables the programme to accurately screen children who cannot read or do not yet know their shapes, colours or numbers.

Bonani aims to detect visual impairments in children before the age of seven as the earlier a problem is detected, the better the chance for treatment reducing the likelihood of serious visual impairment.

Children who are identified as having visual difficulties will undergo a comprehensive visual assessment by a professional eye specialist before being provided with spectacles as part of the programme.

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Bonani is a non-profit organisation that is funded by donations from individuals and corporates. We are always looking for partners to help fund and grow the programme.

 There are a number of opportunities for corporates and sponsors to come on board!